IgAnony Story Viewer

View & Download Instagram Stories Using IgAnony

About IgAnony

Welcome to IgAnony, it is an Instagram story viewer for seamless and hassle-free Instagram anonymity. With IgAnony, you can enjoy the freedom of browsing Instagram stories without the need for any login credentials, ensuring your privacy is always protected. Easily view & save Instagram stories content without revealing your identity, allowing you to explore stories with peace of mind. You just need the username of the Instagram account to get started.

How Our IgAnony Works:

  1. Enter the username of the Instagram account whose stories you want to view.
  2. Hit submit button and it will fetch all the Instagram stories.
  3. Now, you can view and download all those stories anonymously.
  4. Repeat this process as often as you like.

IgAnony Features

Stay Anonymous

Maintain Anonymity

Stay anonymous while using IgAnony. Avoid every chance of trace.

No Login Required

Use Without Login

Access IgAnony without inserting your social media login details.

Free To Use

Free Access

Access IgAnony completely free of charge, with no extra costs.

Save Media

Effortlessly Save Media

Download & save Instagram storie's media in Full HD quality.

Faq About IgAnony

How does IgAnony protect my privacy?

IgAnony protects your privacy by not storing any user data, including IP addresses or browsing history, ensuring complete anonymity while you surf the web.

Can I use IgAnony on any device?

Yes, it works with all the devices. Be it desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. IgAnony offers the convenience of staying undercover on all devcies.

Can I view any Instagram account's stories with IgAnony?

Yes, IgAnony enables users to view the stories of any public Instagram account anonymously, regardless of you they follow the account or not.

Can I download Instagram stories with IgAnony?

Yes, IgAnony allows users to not only view Instagram stories anonymously but also download them for offline viewing.

Is there a limit to how many stories I can view with IgAnony?

There are no set limits to the number of stories you can view using IgAnony. Users can browse through stories as much as they like without any restrictions.